We’re all used to leaning on our sat nav’s to show us where we need to go, but what if they were listening too? What would they say? We went about filming cars to answer this question.

That’s the idea behind our recent video for Capgemini’s Cars Online report. An annual study that looks at what car owners and buyers expect today.

While part of the brief was to collect interviews from the automotive sector experts, we wanted to add something a bit different. So we put forward our idea of the sat nav that listened, with the aim being to create a teaser. Something that enticed the audience to find out more, and in this case read the report.

We set about creating our story, all based inside one car, following the everyday journeys of the two owners. People spend a lot of time in their cars, so it was important to connect with the audience using scenarios that all drivers experience; long drives, traffic jams, family trips… Once the idea had been established, a few teasers could be used to introduced through animation, to highlight some of the report content. 

Cars Online1

The filming day

This was a technical and logistical challenge; finding the right car aesthetically, but suitable to film in. Finding the right locations with, traffic jams at the right moment… Making sure all in car footage was stable while driving and ensuring the sat nav could be tracked in post-production… But all went as planned and the video is now a main feature of the Cars Online 2015 landing page.

Cars Online2

When it comes to details there will always be huge value in hearing from experts and reading in-depth reports. But for your audience to get there you need to connect with them, create something memorable, and give them a starting to point from which they can be guided to everything you want them to see. 

Otherwise they might just get lost! 

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