Last Friday we were very happy to be at the first Digital Shoreditch Summit.

The day saw the coming together of established and up and coming names in the digital media industry and we were glad to be part of of it.

We were treated to a feast of talks by some of the major players in digital and were able to share ideas and opportunities with other businesses to try and reach the goal of bringing Shoreditch to the forefront of the digital media industry, globally.

The talks that really stood out for me were;

Jeremy Silver – MusicMetric

Jeremy spoke in detail about the trends, not just in the music industry, but also in advertising and online video. The stats he shared spoke volumes about the rise of digital advertising in the UK and also backed up the trends that we have noticed in the use of online video advertising. These are just a few of the findings…

Video makes up 26% of online traffic share
Online ad spend continued to grow through the recession, while other ad spends fell dramatically
UK has the highest per capita ad spend in the world

All good news for us digital folk!

Michael Acton Smith – Mind Candy

Michael had a great story to tell. In the space of a few years he has turned the idea of Moshi Monsters into a multi-million pound global brand that is quickly continuing to grow. You can see what Moshi Monsters are and how it all works here. In short, Michael showed just what can be achieved when you have a great vision and a great team.

Another great part of the day was the Petcha Kutcha where different organisations were able to do a presentation in no longer than 6 minutes. There were lots of great talks but the highlight for me had to be RjDj. These guys have created sonic experiences that will blow you away. You can download an iPhone appĀ  that allows you to create music that is controlled by you and/or your environment. You’ll have to try it to really understand but it certainly makes commuting a bit more interesting!!

All in all a great day. I strongly recommend Digital Shoreditch to anyone when the next round of events come about.

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