Team building days are important to us at Napoleon Creative

In the past we’ve visited museums, galleries and scaled the 02 Arena for our team building days. This year we decided to add a little more adrenaline into the the mix and go to Thorpe Park!

team building thorpe park selfie

We’ve always been proud of the fact that the Napoleon Creative team includes our talented base of freelancers, as well as our full time staff. So when we offered this to them all, they jumped at the chance.

“Thanks so much Gavin Ricketts Lewis Darby and Ceyda Barut and the rest of the guys and gals at Napoleon Creative for asking me along to a fun day out at Thorpe Park. Absolutely tremendous fun had by all. Great idea.”

Gordon Gronbach, Lighting Cameraman

It wasn’t the most pleasant of weather, but I guess a little bit of rain doesn’t matter so much when you’ve just been on the Tidal Wave twice in a row!

team building thorpe park

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