Earlier in the year, we worked on a promotional report video for Kantar Media. After the success of that animation, we were asked by Kantar Public to film a business leader video for them. It was a video of the CEO explaining what makes Kantar Public stand out in the market place.

A business leader video like this where the leader is speaking directly to the camera is traditionally known as a PTC (Piece to Camera). If you’ve ever tried looking directly into a camera and reading a script you’ll know how hard it is! That’s why we always recommend having a teleprompter or Autocue. They do add a bit to the budget, but as with all modern technology, there are simple solutions that needn’t cost that much. The improvement in delivery and the reduction in time taken to film it more than outweighs the cost.

Michelle is a seasoned speaker, and we actually shot a couple of takes of her doing the whole piece in one go. In the end we decided to cut between two takes of different shot sizes to give the piece a little more energy.

Tips for a great Business Leader Video

Here are some top tips for presenting to camera:


  • Always give a five second pause before you start. If necessary, ask for a few blank lines to be added to the teleprompter as a count down

  • Give a big smile in that pause. You’ll feel silly, but your smile will drop as you start to speak, but the smile will make your delivery look more positive when you start to speak.

  • You can highlight or make bold key words in the script on the teleprompter. This helps you remember where the words land

  • Make sure multiple-word phrases are on the same line. For example, don’t split “key marketing messages”  with “key” on one line and “marketing messages” on the other. This makes it harder to land the intonation right.

  • Performance levels tend to drop as you go through, with speakers generally getting more serious as they go on. Remember to smile again halfway through to keep the energy up.

  • Hold your gaze to camera at the end for longer than seems natural. That way the editor will easily be able to make a clean break.