Rivo Software called us up having seen some of our previous work because they were looking for a security software animation. They liked the fluidity of our animation, and wanted to work with us. However, they only saw our clip because one of our team had a shared contacted on LinkedIn. So LinkedIn really works as a way of generating new business.

So if you have a moment to watch the clip, and if you like it, share it with you connections. You never know it might win us another job! And there’s a bottle of champagne to anyone who introduces us to a new client!
Ask us for more detail!
What’s interesting about this clip is that we’re using more and more 3D in what looks essentially 2D. Small bits like the cylindrical bits on the spinning globe, the Rivo wave itself, are all made in 3D. They really make the animation fly.

So if you want a software solution to help you manage your safety, security and sustainability, click on the link below to find out more about Rivo Software!

Security software animation