Working with a new client is always refreshing

Even more when when the new client is a start up company. We worked with a company called CRS Xeraphic. They offer an integrated business platform that consolidates management information using Big Data analytics. They wanted an animation to illustrate who they are and what they do in a short, simple way.

The key to creating any good animation is understanding the branding and the message they are trying to convey.

Presenting a variety of design concepts helps the client visualise the route you are envisaging. It opens discussions so you can choose what is right for them. This is a especially true for start-ups. This will likely be the first time they see their brand come to life and it will be precious to them. We were immediately drawn to the unique shape they use in the logo which we used as a base to expand upon and add characteristics. By using a shape as the character instead of a person, the audience will feel more attached to the cute and lovable character. This of course went down well with the client as the character shape was reinforcing their brand and we continued to build a world for our animation around it.

So keeping an eye out for the little details always helps to bring a brand to life!