Although we mainly create video and animation at NC, we also design infographics.


With PayPal we created an infographic to highlight how PayPal’s new way of taking card payments can impact small businesses. It clearly lays out the statistics, which enables customers can see how much they will benefit from the new scheme. This is showcased here on


Compeed wanted to create an infographic to highlight how the use of their products would decrease footwear discomfort. We approached this one by looking at the spending habits of European women on shoes.

Design infographics - Compeed


Infographics can amplify the impact of an animation. We created an animation for Capgemini and suggested an infographic to accompany it. It would show the essential steps highlighted in the animation. The graphics had already been made for the animation, which meant we could create the infographic a relatively low cost.

CG Ocommerce Infographic v3

Infographics are great marketing tools because they convey a lot of information in a quickly digestible way. If you need someone to design infographics for your campaign, let us show you how.

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