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London Video Production Services by Napoleon Creative

Standing out from your competitors and winning business is a challenge. The team here at Napoleon Creative create video content that our clients use as an exciting, creative and essential tool to achieve cut-through and business growth.

Our approach

If you want to connect to your audience, then simply creating video content is not enough. With over a decade of experience in London video production under our belts we’re here to make your marketing budget work harder to achieve your goals.

Whether you’re looking to bring to life a client testimonial, launch a new product with animated explainers, or tell your brand story, our in-house London video production experts will guide your journey from strategy to delivering brilliant content.


Our latest work

These clients trust us to tell their stories:

Today your story is different

Together we take a fresh look at your story. Who are the characters and what is their challenge?

Who are your audience, and what is their world? What are they looking for? And what is crucial for them to understand about your offering?

In other words, why is your story important to theirs?

We explore all this in our Discovery Deck workshop, which combines coaching, agile methodologies and gamification to unlock your ideas. Our clients describe this as a dynamic, efficient and energising way to reveal the heart of their story, often with a different plot line than they expected. Take the first step in your video production journey by booking a workshop with us here at Napoleon Creative.

Book a workshop

Discover the key mechanics of your film



Based on the workshop, we write a script to outline the people, places and products in your story, and what it takes to reach ‘happily ever after’.



We draw a storyboard that visualises the action frame-by-frame, so you can clearly see how it will be told.



Whether your film is a video or animation, the moodboard gives you a flavour of every visual element, so you get a clear idea of how the finished film will look.

Dive into video production

With the creative elements nailed down, we move into video production. We know there’ll be pitfalls, even with the most detailed preparations, but we support you every step of the way. That’s all part of our London video production service we provide here at Napoleon Creative.


Become part of the crew on the shoot. Or we might be filming you!


Every project includes animation, however small. Watch it grow in complexity as we layer on improvements.


Sharpen your focus, ruthlessly cutting out content, sacrificing some concepts to keep the story lean.


After the hard work and big decisions, we deliver the right film, in the right format, right on time.

Take a different action

We’ve deftly charmed all stakeholders, endured arduous rounds of changes, and defeated that monstrous beast, the Deadline. But this just marks the end of the beginning. Now it’s time for your film to get to work.

Our films have increased sales, helped to win pitches, boosted profiles, motivated employees, and raised funds for charities. But today is different. So bring us your challenge, whatever that may be!

Choose Napoleon Creative’s London video production services to inspire, entertain, and engage your audience. Start your story today.

Start your story