We’ve been working with British Airways who have joined up with Visit California (VCA) to give a special offer on flights to sunny California. Doesn’t that sound appealing right now?! They needed our voiceover services and editing skills to add some new footage to an existing campaign. Tonight the TV spot will be shown just after Coronation Street on ITV!

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We had a lot of fun working on this project. Using existing footage we created a 10 second spot to link with the 20 second VCA spot. With a new voice over and contrasting visuals, the challenge was to link them seamlessly. Extending the music was the first step. We then had to add voiceover that we specially recorded over the end of the VCA spot. This wouldn’t always be appropriate, but the first line was actually the VCA tagline! Finally we graded the somewhat cloudy footage to give it more of a Sunny California style.

For us this advert proved that you don’t always have to spend £££’s on production to get a good result. Sometimes the content is right in front of you. You just have to find the best way to use it.

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