We were looking for the best autocue app available for mobile and tablet to use when we’re on location. It’s always preferable to have a full autocue if the project demands it. A full autocue fits underneath the camera, which is then reflected on glass positioned over the camera lens. This is fully controllable remotely, so you can scroll.

Best autocue appHowever, sometimes we’re asked to record a simple piece to camera, and we’ve found an app that beats the others. It’s called Teleprompter.

We recommend that our clients download the free version called¬†Teleprompter Lite¬†in order to practice their speech in advance. It’s currently only available for the iPhone.

We’ve used it to help clients deliver pieces to camera, particularly for things like Crowdfunding videos.

Best autocue app

Getting your script on to the app

Teleprompter Lite is really simple to use:

  • Copy your script and paste it into the body of an email
  • Email it to yourself
  • Copy the text and then open Teleprompter
  • Click to open a new document, and paste your copy inside
  • Use the sliding bar at the bottom to adjust the speed of the copy
  • You’ll also want to adjust the font size

When we come to film, we transfer your script on to our device which has the premium version installed, so we have can use the full range of features that are missing on the lite version.

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