We create pitch videos for companies like you looking to crowd fund on the Seedrs platform. If you’re hoping to raise investment on Seedrs video is essential. Video helps you:

  • Connect with your brand
  • Show your personality
  • Communicate your brand’s benefits
  • Counter customer objections
  • Explain your business proposition
  • Excite investors so they commit their funds to your project

We have a package for companies looking to grow their business through crowd funding.

Seedrs Video Package – £4,500

What do you get for this?

Discovery Workshop

In this 90 min session we use our unique card game, which our clients find revelatory, to explore your business idea. We will help you distill those years of product development into a streamlined message that will resonate with potential investors. We also teach you a simple storytelling structure that shape your presentation. We delivery the results in a PDF from which you can build your script.


From the Discovery Workshop results you’ll draft the first version of the script. We’ll offer some advice and tweaks, and exchange versions until we have a polished version. We keep in mind Seedr’s strict policies on content, so you don’t fall foul of investment regulations. We recommend a teleprompter app which you can use to practise your lines on, ready for the filming day.

One-Day Filming

For the first half of the day, we film your piece to camera. One of NC’s full-time directors will coach your performance, to make sure you come across as comfortable, passionate and credible. The teleprompter certainly helps that! The rest of the time is spent filming B-roll; you at work, product shots etc.


We then start editing the piece together, selecting the best takes. We then use the B-Roll we’ve filmed, plus your own photos and video to build the video. We need you to be really specific about what content goes with which part of the script. We top and tail with simple animations based on your branding to bring the thing together. You get three full rounds of changes. If you need longer than that, we may have to negotiate additional editing time. However, with our experience, we can confidently say three rounds is usually sufficient.

What are the deliverables?

You will get a finished video typically 3-4 minutes long, though best practice is to keep it on the shorter side. However, less than 3 minutes and you probably haven’t told your story!

We also create 2 short teasers. The first is to run in the building up to your campaign launch to raise awareness. The second promotes you campaign once it is up and running to draw as many potential investors as possible. We design it with Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn in mind.

What’s our criteria for selecting projects?

We like working with entrepreneurs. From building our own company and side projects, we know how much energy and devotion goes into making any one of them a success. When we choose Seedr pitches to work with, we don’t based it on whether we think their idea is a good one, or how likely we feel they will succeed. We only work with those:

  • Ready to tell their story
  • Committed to spending time in Discovery
  • Open to being challenged
  • Have time to write – and rewrite – their script
  • Prepared to practice their presentation skills
  • Willing to be ruthless in editing their content, and as Faulkner said, ‘kill all your darlings’
  • Who value, well, good value
  • Committed to spending a reasonable fee in return for a great, professional service

Staggered Funding Option

Start ups and growing companies are always strapped for cash. We have a financing option where you pay £3,750, then if your campaign reaches its target,  we issue you an invoice for an additional £1,250. While this means you’re paying an additional £500 if you hit your target, you save £750 if you are unsuccessful. It’s our way of helping entrepreneurs who are risking all to bring their projects to life, while still ensuring our own business runs profitably.


Sound good? Then get in touch!

If you’ve reached this far down this page, then obviously we’re saying something that resonates. If there’s anything that’s stopping you working with us, get in touch and let us know what it is. We’re a flexible and resourceful team, and specialise in helping our clients counter their customer’s objections to lead to a sale. So we’re sure we can counter yours, reassure you that we’re good value and help you reach that Seers target.