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It was back in July 2016 that the seed for an animation event was first planted. I’ll be completely honest and say it was actually the name that came before the concept… Showreel & Tell just had a nice ring to it. It also rhymes will Keenan and Kel (a programme from my 90’s youth) so it seemed to be a winner. That said, some ideas for events had been floating around for a while, they just needed something to cling to.

After much mulling, fiddling with designs and defining what exactly it is, we held the first Showreel & Tell event in October 2016.

animation event

So what is it?

Showreel & Tell is a platform for professional motion designers and animators to get together, present and discuss their work and learn new things from each other.

Every event sees two to three industry professionals talking us through some of their work. It might be concept development, technical challenges or new kit.

“We’re bringing motion minds to together to learn more, faster”

All this is interspersed with drinks, nibbles, meeting new people and chatting about all things animation.

animation event

Attendees are also invited to send their showreels through in advance of each event, so we can have everyones reels looping on the big screen between talks! It’s great to see the variety of work on show and for everyone to be able to discuss each other’s work.

Next event 27th July 2017 – Book your ticket!

We’ve just held our fourth event, and we’re building up a loyal following of animation and motion graphics professionals to come along and share their knowledge. To give you a flavour of what you can expect…

Here is a rundown of our Summer event held on 25th May

animation event

Lewis Darby

I kicked things of with a quick example from a recent project at Napoleon Creative where we needed an imperfect and randomly coloured sphere. We looked at randomly selecting polygons using the (seemingly now defunct) Magic Select plugin from Nitro4D, to colour it. Creating a mesh for the sphere using Atom Array. Smashing it open with the Explosion deformer, then slinging it into After Effects for a sprinkle of Plexus magic.

animation event

Jonathan Ly

Jonathan Ly gave us a wonderful showcase of the Motion 2 script for After Effects from Mt. Mograph. Every motion designer needs this! From the mind melting ‘sort’ function, to the nifty ‘Stare’ tool, this really is a must have. Apart from being fun, at $35 it quickly pays for itself in efficiency improvements.

animation event

Jonti Rudd

We then moved onto the excellent Jonti Rudd from Hawthorn, who gave us some great insight into the world of projection mapping. Showcasing his work for a projection onto St John’s Chapel in Cambridge, Jonti talked us through the importance of understanding forced perspective when approaching projection mapping. We then looked at exporting scenes from After Effects into Cinema 4D, setting your camera to the right angle, sticking textures and then having fun with Cinema 4D’s tools to get stunning results.

animation event

Damian Todd

Finally we had pleasure of hearing from Damian Todd from Split the Sun. He started by delving into a past project for Sainsbury’s, a pop up book themed animation. He talked through the challenges of turning the pages and sticking the popup elements to them, without using the bend deformer. Setting up sliders to control all elements in each page turn and using CS Tools for the camera moves.

Damian then took us through the magic of colour grading in Davinci Resolve from Black Magic. There are free versions to download via their site, so there is no reason not to give it a go! If nothing else, you can make a persons face go blue!

Finally we were treated to his work for the Skyfall music video which was somehow turnaround in a week! This was a great example of making the most of the great inbuilt tools of After Effects.

Next event 27th July 2017 – Book your ticket!

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