A recent study by Forbes and Google looked at 354 C-level and top executives at major US companies with annual sales in excess of $1B to “shed insight into how these executives discover and share business information.” This included some business video statistics.

The business video statistics that caught my eye was that a third of under 50s watch business-related video every single day. Many execs turn directly to YouTube to find information for business. We’re pleased our clients like Capgemini and IBM have YouTube channels. They post the work we create for them there, as well as on their own sites.

Back in March we filmed at the All Together Now conference. One programme maker described how their web strategy has moved on from trying to pull viewers to one central website. They now create post content within sites like Facebook and MySpace, engaging audiences where they linger to socialise and start conversations.

Video is a great tool for this kind of strategy. Yes, create the video for your company’s home page, but then you have to seed. Choose YouTube, Daily Motion, set up Facebook and LinkedIn groups to reach your target audience. This takes time and energy, but is essential if you’re to reach your market. You can’t rely on your audience to come to your website. Instead, you have to broadcast in the places where your audience look for content.

Read more about the report here.

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