Creative inspiration can come from anywhere.

Admittedly I was unwell and taking a quick recovery nap at the time, so maybe my mind was playing tricks on me, but on a visit to my parents house I saw a face in the light… and it gave me the creative inspiration to make something new.

creative inspiration

I’m not getting all spiritual, I actually just saw the shapes and contours of what looked like a great design for a foxes face in a lamp shade in the spare bedroom.

I get this a lot. Just this morning I also saw the face of a dog in our pebble bathroom floor.

creative inspiration

It’s a called pareidolia. Basically your brain seeing a shape it recognises in amongst a lot of other noise.

Pareidolia is a psychological phenomenon involving a stimulus wherein the mind perceives a familiar pattern of something where none exists.

Back to the fox.

When I’d summoned the energy to remove myself from bed, I wanted capture the idea before it passed me by. While I’ve got small sketchbooks all over the place, more and more these days I look to my phone to collect ideas. I use Animation Creator on my iPhone as it has all the tools I need to draw. And if I want to make that into a short animation, I can. So I drew the foxes face and added a stretching pose, based on a cat ornament that’s been in the family home home for many years.

creative inspiration

Not content with just a sketch I wanted to see this fox as a 3D model. To stay true to the original inspiration, I started by modelling the shape of the lampshade in Cinema4D. Essentially a star built up of pentagonal pyramids. It got a bit mathematical, but I quickly had the shape I need to work with.

creative inspiration star shape

The next stage was to strip out the ‘noise’, leaving only the parts my brain had recognised as a foxes face when I first saw the shape. After applying some simple colouring I was pleased to see it did indeed still look like a fox. I moved onto building the rest of the model, and voilà. The thing my mind had wanted to see when I first saw that face in the light.

creative inspiration

Do yoy have ideas you want to bring to life, or need help finding that inspiration for your project?

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