Findlaw, a site that helps put people in touch with Law firms, has done research into the influence that law firm video has:

“Video grabs visitors’ attention and drives them to act. According to our studies, consumers visit an average of 4.8 Web sites before choosing a lawyer on-line. That drops to 1.8 sites when the sites contain a video.”

Findlaw explain that for 58% of consumers video increases the likelihood that they will make contact with the firm. This is no surprise to us as we know how testimonial films and corporate documentaries can make a real impact on the way people view your company.

Watch out testimonial videos


A simple but well made law firm video can make even the biggest firm seem approachable and personable. Also, Law is an area where very few companies are using video on sites, so those that do really stand out.

law firm video

The footage filmed can be quickly and simply reversioned for sites like YouTube, Facebook etc. These external sites all offer new channels through which new clients can reach your company. A key to success is making sure you optimise these for SEO so drive targeted traffic to your home site.

So if you’re a professional services firm, video should definitely feature in your marketing strategy.

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