Finding innovative methods to advertise products and keep customers engaged is never-ending, with customer interaction having a key role. Rich Media ticks all the boxes for customer involvement, providing instant interaction. When a cursor passes over a Rich Media ad, it reveals more information without leaving the webpage. Customers appreciate this because they don’t lose the information they were initially looking for. The deeper content that can be included in a Rich Media ad pleases the advertisers as they can sell their product more and have a higher likelihood of peaking interest from users. Rich Media goes way beyond just advertising too, you can create whole experiences for your customers, such as interactive journeys that help you choose gift ideas. That happens to be the idea behind a project we’re working on right now! All this helps to create a bigger and better customer journey.

Here are couple of links to some fun uses of rich media;

Essentially, Rich Media which move away from still images in order to create more immersive experiences for customers. This can be demonstrated by comparing Rich Media to other methods of advertising. So, text ads are the simplest format, a simple message created over a couple of lines to sell a product in a concise way. Moving on, there are standard display ads which starts as a text ad but then includes a visual aspect. This could be a logo or short animation, which makes it more appealing to the eye. The visual tends to be static but can be animated. Once clicked, the add will direct you to a destination site to find out more information. From there, we arrive at Rich Media, where the possibilities for interactive content is extensive and provides improved way for your to sell your product to a curious customer.


If you want to improve the journey for your customers then get in touch and we’ll help find the best solution for your business.

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