Now that you’ve commissioned your production company, you should start clarifying your ideas with them. We always start a commission with a meeting, preferably face to face. We ask you questions about the project like:

– What are you trying to communicate?

– Who are you trying to communicate to?

– What are the calls to action?

– How can you qualitatively and quantitatively define the project a success?

– Who is your audience?

– What are the essentials we need to communicate?

– What do they want to know?

– When is this to be delivered?

– Who will have sign off?

Once we’ve had this discussion, as a production company we know more about what you’re after and can better help you develop your message and script.

Then next part of your meeting should cover the creative, talking about what styles you like. We always come to a first meeting with visuals to get the ball rolling.

Also at this stage you should be providing your brand guidelines and art works etc. so that work done can stay within them.

With this meeting finished, we would be able to really start work on your project at full speed!

Meeting moodboard

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