I’ve been obsessing over colour recently and decide it was time for some colour experimentation. Colour is an essential part of any designers weaponry. I’d been appreciating the variety of shades on my commute walking down Shoreditch high street. I decided to do a undertake some research to help me find your perfect palette for every project.


colour experimentation


Personal work

Looking at some of my personal work I’ve created, as standalone pieces they were great, but seeing them side-by-side I noticed there’s too much use of grey and blue. I wanted to experiment on to how to diversify my colours to liven the page up.


colourful animation


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Going back to the basics of the trusty colour wheel I started to play with monochromatic colours using this colour calculator tool. These colours are proven to match as they’re in the same colour family.




I experimented by combining monochromatic and analogous formulas together to create a snappy colourful animation:


Aside from improving my colour harmony with 2D animations, I wanted to move away from grey backgrounds. Coloured backgrounds can really bring 3D projects to life making the animation stand out. Below is a Mario Kart inspired animation I’ve made using a mixture of warm and cold colours to emphasise the subject.



Next I wanted to experiment with this technique in the studio. The perfect opportunity arose due to Facebook now allowing companies to upload a video as a banner on their page. In the banner below I used the full range of NC colours to introduce the scene which also worked well when transitioning them on as the typeface is nice and thick to write on.




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