When filming corporate documentaries in Europe, our clients predominately asked us to interview people in English. If you’re speaking on camera with English as your second language, there are always slightly pronunciation and grammatical changes which can be improved. We always send a native English speak on our foreign shoots, to make sure they have an ear for those things. It’s not that the contributors have bad spoken English by any means. We can simply lift that performance to being even better. When looking for native English speaking film crew Paris surprisingly doesn’t offer many. So we hoped on the Eurostar.

English film crew Paris

Traveling for work is always disappointment when you want to be a tourist at the same time. We saw the inside of cabs, the inside of locations, then a restaurant that evening, then back to the hotel. All we got to see was the Arc De Triomphe from the hotel and passing by the Tower!

Still, the shoot went well, and lots of nice stuff to start editing when we get back…

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