When you’re part of a film crew, Reading is a really great place to film. It has such easy access by train or car. Offices tend to have their own parking, which makes life much easier than filming in central London!

We were filming at the Seequent offices, one of our regular clients. Seequent brings together industry-leading earth modelling, geo-data management, and team collaboration software. When everyone can see the subsurface more clearly, they can make better decisions that benefit people and the planet.

There’s definitely an art to capturing a great film. It’s all about making the interviewee feel comfortable, and asking the right questions. You can also shape the answers they give, so you’re not telling what them say, but making sure they say it in a way you can edit later.

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If you need a local film crew – Reading, Slough or any other Berkshire location – get in touch. We’ve filmed all over the UK and Europe, plus China, Vietnam and the Philippines!

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