Here at Napoleon Creative, we are totally excited by the potential for growing business in 2017. In the last couple of years, we’ve moved on as a company. We set up our own own studio with space to grow, we’ve invested in infrastructure and developed our staff. Our projects and client list have become ever more diverse. It was time to update our website to reflect the kind of company we now are.


Our Customer Journey

In our Discovery Workshop we ask our clients to reflect on their audience, so we did the same. The result is a website that follows our client’s journeys when they work with us:

  • The call to adventure – are they read to start telling their story to us and then the world?
  • Exploration -building the team of people who can help them explore new ground, identifying their messaging and targets for the project
  • Discovery – working out the key mechanics of the story they need to tell, and how to tell it
  • Production – the bit where we get our heads down and get creative
  • Inspire – when we deliver the final film and our clients use it for growing business

We’ve also got a great portfolio page, where you can see a showcase of our work, and this blog to see what we’re up to.


Growing Business in 2017

We know this is going to be a challenging year for business, but we’re up for it, and we know you are too. If you have ambitions to grow and want to know how video can help you achieve them, get in touch.


Discover how video can grow your business

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I founded Napoleon Creative in 2006 to make great videos for discerning clients. We've grown from me and my dog (who the company is named after) to the talented mix of directors, animators and illustrators we are today. With all the tools and talent in our purpose-built studio, we take your projects wherever you want them to go.

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