We’re seeing internal comms changing for big corporates. Here’s what’s influencing it.

➡️ Hybrid working is happening, but many are still tied to Teams calls, even when in the office

➡️ Staff get less and less visibility of business leaders passing by in the corridor, let alone face-to-face

➡️ More than ever, we need to hear and see how people are saying things, not just what they’re saying

So what does that mean?

Employees need content on their terms, whether that’s
–       when they watch it
–       what they watch it on
–       what language they need
–       what accessibility they need to consume it fully
–       and they need it as ‘human’ as possible

The forward-thinking companies we work with are:

➡️ Getting the leadership team in front of camera

➡️ Taking time to prepare, rehearse and record these videos – not just a one take wonder on their phone

➡️ They’re responsive to us coaching them to deliver a warm and engaging performance (even bad news needs to be framed in a positive way)

➡️ Recording longer videos than ever – some 10+ mins

➡️ Using animation to articulate key messages

➡️ Captioning the videos in multiple languages

➡️ Turning those captions into articles/summary sheets

Happy to chat to share the next level of detail if you’re curious…

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