I spent a few days in Norwich, filming for the Cllr 2.0 project. I met up with three of the Cllrs and filmed them talking about local issues, then filmed some general footage around Norfolk. The bitter cold wasn’t condusive to long periods of filming, but I got some okay stuff.

One thing that struck me while talking to the Cllrs is how much their job is about people. Talking to people. Negotiating with people. Trying to work out what people want. And it also struck me how far away from that blogging can seem, with all the computer savvy you have to have to make a blog sparkle and how it can be incredibly alienating when you’re desperately trying to talk to someone through your blog and you’re not sure anyone’s actually listening.

I hope the Cllrs can overcome the initial “techonofear” as one put it, and get to grips with blogging, and I hope they find their audience. I think the audience is out there, it’s just getting the public awareness.

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