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Candid Questions

This gets spontaneous answers to the most asked questions.

Vanity Fair – Culture Swap

Where two people of different cultures teach each other slang terms.

Wired – Web’s Most Searched Questions

Where celebs answer the questions that people have searched for the most.

Vogue 73 Questions

Vogue’s takes this further, and is a little more scripted.

Capgemini – Insights and Data

This one took the style of a TV make over programme to get great answers from people in a fun, authentic way.


Spontaneity helps performances become more entertaining and human.

Look at formats done by others, perhaps with bigger budgets. How can you lift key ideas from them?

Here are a searches that Capgemini experts could reply to:

Candid Video

Mark Gaisford has made a name for himself with his video content, which is very off the cuff, candid, and heavily edited. His performance is passionate rather than polished. And he’s the first to make fun of himself and his business.


Performances don’t have to be super-slick single takes. You can make mistakes and edit them out. If your passion is there, and the message is there, people will watch.

360 Degree Video

This allows the viewer to either drag the video around, or if watching the video on a tablet/phone to move the device around to watch different parts of the video.

This often rewards repeat views.

Google is reporting that it can increase the chances of viewers taking action by 41% when compared to standard ads.

Lego Friends

Find The Summer Constellations

Tour for GAF

Stephen Curry


Try new techniques which engage and encourage interaction.

Be Unexpected

Lego – Mark Ronson

This starts straight away. No ident, no introduction. Just Mark Ronson, not the most instantly recognisable musician, talking about a shaker. It grabs the interest, and is less obvious in the way the edit is structured.


In contrast to the upbeat, high energy explainer, this is cool, calm and collected.

Capgemini – Water Leakage

We started this off with three tall tales about water – a river that flows upstream, algae that makes ice rubbery and rain that makes an orchestral sound.

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