Jigsaw Trust,
Explaining how Autism affects families and how they can be help.

We had a great opportunity to create a lively charity animation for Jigsaw Trust, a charity set up by parents. They work to promote excellence in autism education both within the formal school years, into young adulthood and beyond. Jigsaw helps to raise awareness of autism, and they provide resources and learning facilities for those affected. Our challenge was to build a story that further raised awareness, and brought to life the great work that Jigsaw Trust does.

“We are really SO pleased with the video – Fundraising are using it a lot too which is exactly what we’d hoped and it’s going to be doing the rounds at some local schools where we are planning more visits as part of a general ‘autism awareness’ programme.”

Kate le Feber, Marketing Manager, Jigsaw Trust

Charity animation for Jigsaw Trust


Style development

The first thing that struck us what that Jigsaw has such colourful branding, so we used that as our starting point. We also designed characters and textures with a subtle painted effect thus making it seem sensory and immersive. The video starts showing the common characteristics of Autism and how it can feel overwhelming to those experiencing it.

We then went on to provide a simple illustration of how Jigsaw supports the education of children with Autism throughout their journey into adulthood. The video is now live on their website helping people understand Autism.


Jigsaw Trust Autism Facebook

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