Helping to raise awareness for this brain injury recovery charity

We’ve worked with SameYou on several videos, helping to raise awareness of (and funds for) their pioneering work with brain injury recovery, like the charity appeal video we made for their N-ROl neuro-rehabilitation programme.

SameYou had some time available with their founder, Emilia Clarke, and they needed both some pieces to camera for upcoming events, and a voice over. The initial thought was to capture the voice over where we filming, but this means you capture the atmosphere of the room, complete with the inevitable street noise outside. So we suggested Conway Hall, not only because it’s a great location, and a wonderful institution, but they are just a few doors down from Synchbox, one of our regular voice recording studios.

This mean we could get through the pieces to camera with Emilia, then walk her down the street to record the voice over for an animation about the impact brain injury has on people’s lives. And we got the crisp ‘voice of god’ sound we needed!

As we had the time, we suggested recording a series of ‘generic’ messages, such as the one above. These could be used on the landing page of their website, or at the end of other charity appeal video content they create. With just a few minutes more filming (needless to say Emilia is a pro in front of a teleprompter!) SameYou a few extra tools in their fund raising kit box.



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