A few weeks ago we had a work’s day out. We’d come to the end of a bunch of projects, and hadn’t started properly on the new ones on the slate. You can read about what we did here. We ended up at the Matisse Cut Outs exhibition at the Tate. What I saw in his work taught me something about being a skilled animator.

skilled animator - Matisse cut out



What I loved about the cut outs was how raw they are. As part of the exhibition, there’s a short archive clip of him deftly cutting the paper, creating shapes. And throughout the show, you could see the raw edges and slight miss-cuts he made.

Imperfections bring the digital to life

With the digital world we work in, everything can be perfect. Circles circular, boxes stacked neatly, everything perfectly crisp and defined. We always try and introduce human elements to our work at NC. Making it a little less perfect, a little raw at the edges is important, because it’s the imperfections that help something digital feel a little bit more real. I’d also like to make something on paper that we film.


Take a look at our animations

skilled animator

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