Today Lewis and I completed their Fire Marshall training. The training video included real life footage of a venue on fire, with people trying to get out. Totally harrowing, and in that case, totally avoidable. The venue was a club where a band were playing. A firework effect misfired, and set a bit of the stage alight. As the venue filled with smoke, the crowds started making their way through the entrance they came in. Sadly there was a fire exit to the side of the stage, but people just retraced their steps to where they came in. It’s a note for all of us, that in the event of an emergency, look at the environment around you afresh. There maybe a fire exit nearer to you that you don’t know about.

Setting off extinguishers

The session included using stair lifts to help people with mobility issues get down the stairs. And of course, you can’t have fire training without setting off fire extinguishers!

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