We’re doing some research in to what our customers like about our service and what we need to improve. We’ve got some really encouraging feedback so far, but this one sticks out:

“I’m impressed by the fact that you really care about the content – it’s not just the logistics of the filming. If I work with you guys I have peace of mind because I know that I’ll have an ‘ally’ in the building of the story.”

This sums up, I think, what NC is about. We like being our client’s ally, collaborating with them but still taking a degree of impartiality to make sure the client gets their story told in the best way. And caring about the content? Well you have to. If you don’t know what the project’s about, it you don’t engage and really try and understand it, then no amount of fancy camera work will save the video!

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I founded Napoleon Creative in 2006 to make great videos for discerning clients. We've grown from me and my dog (who the company is named after) to the talented mix of directors, animators and illustrators we are today. With all the tools and talent in our purpose-built studio, we take your projects wherever you want them to go.

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