Napoleon Creative offers film and animation internships to enable recent graduates to bridge the gap between study and work. Your internship will lasts for 2-3 weeks, giving you the opportunity to work on live client projects. We offer three internships, depending on your interests and current knowledge.

What key skills do you learn with film or animation internships?

You’ll get to know more about the production process from the coal face itself.  Many of our interns are surprised at how quickly decisions are made, and projects are turned around. After spending a whole term on an animation, they’re involved one that’s made in a matter of two or three weeks. 

You’ll also start to understand the client/creative relationship. How we speak to clients, and make sure we deliver a great project. You’ll then start building connections with working crew who can recommend you for jobs!

If you’re trying to break into the industry, then you’ll need to build your CV. We have a special course for crew just starting out shows you how to write a great first CV, what critical skills you need to show, and chapters on how to get the most out of each job. It’s call the TV Runner CV Course

It will increase your chances of getting work, and accelerate your progress in your career.  

Join the TV Runner CV course and get your foot in the door

This isn’t a quick course on how to do your CV but rather an amazing template giving you insight on what the employer wants and needs.

Sarah, Production Runner


What are the terms of the film or animation internships?

Your internships will be on a voluntary basis, but your travel expenses are covered. As an Interns you are free to work your own hours, which allows you to go for job interviews or do paid work. We simply ask that you let us know their movements.

Show your interest in an internship with us by emailing your CV to [email protected]. Please let us know which internship you’re interested in and your estimated travel costs.

Production Internships

  • project research
  • scripting
  • sourcing suppliers
  • writing call sheets

Post-Production Internships

  • logging rushes
  • assembly editing on Adobe Premiere
  • sound design
  • preparing production paperwork

Animation Internships

  • photoshop work
  • storyboard design
  • mood board design
  • animation on After Effects
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