When it come to Animation Services London has many companies to choose from. We offer a range of animation services to our clients, from character animation to motion graphics and 3D. Each is a different discipline but over the years we’ve worked out which combination to use for each project.

Character Animation

If you’re looking to really show your customers how they can use your product, creating a character-led animation can really work. This example was a train-related tight deadline video, illustrating out it can help passengers get the best seats for the best price. This was used as a bid video.

Motion Graphics

If you’re trying to sell a services, particularly fin tech or software, then motion graphics can help. Take this fintech explainer video we made for HQLAx explains quickly and simply the benefits of their offering.

3D Animation

If you’re really looking to bring a product to life, then 3D is a great way to give you freedom. For Sifam Meters we created an Apple style animation  by recreating their metres in 3D and letting them come to life!

We don’t just offer Animation Services London

We work with Clients all over the world, so although we’re London-based, don’t let the location put you off contacting us!

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