To explain a newly developed financial lending solution.

We enjoy a challenge so when approached by HQLAx to create a fintech explainer video to explain a newly developed financial lending solution, we dived straight in. With all kinds of regulations and other challenges to contend with HQLAx recognised the need for a new kind of solution. So they teamed up with R3, a financial innovation firm, and a consortium of banks. Together they developed a distributive ledger technology platform which is set to revolutionise the financial sector. Our challenge was explaining it!

The model builds on R3’s Corda platform, a financial grade distributed ledger that records, executes and manages institutions’ financial agreements in perfect synchrony with their peers.

Creating the Fintech Explainer Video

R3 had an animation to explain their Corda technology, and HQLAx is a great example of that technology in action. We decided the best approach was to follow on from their existing style, but using the brand colours of HQLAx, and the same voice over artist as the R3 video. Meaning both teams had great content to draw upon when explaining their solutions.

explaining financial lending
HQLAx video frame
explaining financial lending
Existing R3 video style





The real challenge with projects like this is translating a complex idea into easy to understand visuals and script. But, when these processes are not necessarily something that has been visualised before it gives us creative freedom. We explore ways of presenting the information in a visual language that a wider audience can really understand.

The clients are very happy with the finished fintech explainer video. They put it good use, already using it to support presentations of their solution to industry experts.

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