A Testimonial video is one of the most powerful tools in your marketing mix. The key is to capture a your client talking about their experience of your product in a candid and credible way. At Napoleon Creative, we specialise in asking the right questions in interview that allows the client to speak their mind, while shaping their answers to work in the edit.

Choosing your contributor

Obviously, your contributor will be an advocate for you company. They will also need a degree of seniority, so their voice has weight. While it’s good if they’re confident in front of camera, but we can coach a performance out of even the shyest of contributors.


Telling a story

We believe in using classic storytelling technics when creating a testimonial. This falls within a five act structure:


Act 1: Call to action – what inspired them to see out your product

Act 2: Meeting your mentors – they look for your advice to help them make a decision about what product to buy

Act 3: The reach their goal – they implement your product and start to see benefits

Act 4: The return journey – there are teething problems as the new product is integrated into the business. But with help from the mentors, they overcome them.

Act 5: Homecoming – with the new product in place, all can enjoy the benefits


Of course, not all testimonials fit this template, but the move from need to challenge to resolution is important to keeping your audience connected with your story.


B-Roll is Essential

B-roll is the name given to those shots which play under the person talking, like the ones you see here. These were filmed for a client testimonial film we made for Infosys. Our client’s client who gave the testimonial not only have up time for the interview, but also gave us another 45 minutes filming b-roll. We set up a few scenarios, looking over a document with a client, sat at this desk, on a conference call, and, as shown, having a catch up meeting. On a technical level, it allows you to cut different takes of the interview footage down to shorten a long quote, or change the order the answers came in. It also brings the testimonial to life, with footage of the person at work. When you’re asking someone to do a testimonial for you, always ask if you can shoot a few shots like this.

Watch the Client Testimonial Video here


Planning something unplanned

The person giving the testimonial should be given free reign to say what they like. However, to make sure you get what you need from them, we follow a simple process. We start by working with you to write the perfect testimonial. From this, we list the questions that will inspire the contributor to give these quotes. Of course, in the actual interview, we change and adapt the questions. Our favourite question is a simple one: what surprised you about this project? This always opens up a rich seam of conversation, and often reveals new things about the product or service.

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