Cawston Press,
Communicate the brand story through video and animation.

Our clients are often a little worried when they first see the rushes of our films. They come out really quite… grey. That’s why we’ve created this short grading showreel, to show you what’s possible! What you see below left is the footage as shot, and on the right after it’s been graded.

Grading showreel comparison

This project was for Cawston Press, who have such a distinctive branding. It’s all about bright primary colours against crisp whites. Bringing that same quality out in the footage we shot was key.

Grading is one of the most fun jobs in film making is the grade. Once you’ve got all the shots edited down, it’s time to colour balance them to make them look their best, and also create a consistent look across the film. When filming we shot projects like this in Log, which means as much data from the camera’s sensors are kept in the file. When we take this file into the edit, we can play around with the colours as well like. For this one we went to Coda Post Production, and got their usual warm welcome and highly slick service.


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