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Demonstrate the benefits of a software platform in an engaging way

Anfold Software recently commissioned an explainer to showcase their innovative timesheet software. Timesheet Portal automates and simplifies the complexities of timesheet management. They knew they wanted screen shots, but they recognised that they alone were not going to make for an exciting animation! So we suggested a simple character animation to bring the platform to life, and highlight key features.

Creating a simple character animation

Engaging Visuals

To captivate from the start, the animation employs characters working in a wide range of roles. Timesheet Portal can be used by such a wide range of different work places, so having a wide range of characters was critical. This is why we kept the design simple, so we could create multiple characters quickly and within budget. These characters don’t just interact with the timesheet app, they show exactly how the platform solves problems other timesheet management solutions don’t.

Clearly Communicating the Benefits

Explaining intricate software features can be challenging without overwhelming the audience and losing their interest. We worked with Anfold to identify the key benefits of the platform, and the creating character scenarios to illustrate them. These included key features such as time tracking, project allocation, and reporting.

Do you need a simple character animation?

In a world where attention spans are shrinking and effective communication is paramount, simple character animation becomes a powerful tool. The explainer animation commissioned by the Anfold successfully highlights the features of their timesheet app in an engaging and understandable manner. With relevant character and clear communication the animation simplifies the often daunting task of timesheet management.

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Whether the audience is running a small dentist clinic or a large building project, this simple character animation leaves you with a clear understanding of the software’s capabilities. If you want productivity, and empower your team with the power of animation today!

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