Capture a testimonial, showing a real-life use case of their software

We’ve been working with Seequent Software for a while now, including keynote video production for their annual Lyceum conference. They approached us to film a software testimonial video, interviewing Geraint Burrows of Groundwater Relief. GWR provides groundwater expertise and services to organisations and government agencies responsible for water provision. They help them develop and manage safe and sustainable sources of water. They offer capacity building to ensure vulnerable communities can confidently become custodians of their water resources. One of the tools they use is Seequent’s Leapfrog software.

Filming was challenging as we were on a drill site, with lots of noise around. However, we managed to get a good distance away from the machinery. Geraint was a really passionate speaker, clearly focused on helping communities get access to fresh water.

Quick turnaround

The client was really pleased with how the video capture both what Geraint does for the charity, while of course showing why their software is so useful to him. In fact, they were so pleased they asked us to accelerate the final edit, so they could show it at an event. This meant a couple of late nights getting the audio mix and the grading perfect. The sun came in and out of the clouds while we were filming, so the light changed quite dramatically. We had to grade each of the interview clips used so they were more event.

How to get a software testimonial video right

When filming a testimonial video, it’s important to ask the right questions. It’s also important to make sure you discover not just how the product they are using helps directly, but also the wider benefits it brings. Plus, asking the questions is tricky. We balance asking open questions with making sure we get all the content covered.

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