Create a film that showed to the business the value of training graduates at the Institute, and to encourage graduates to apply.

We understand that recruiting the best graduates is crucial for the future success of your business. That’s why our clients like Capgemini and Kaplan Law School invest in a graduate recruitment film. We design them to connect with the next generation and showcase the human side of your company.

Why do you need a graduate recruitment film?

Emotionally, we know that graduates are looking for more than just a job. They want to be part of something bigger, a purpose-driven organisation that aligns with their values and ambitions. Our films capture the passion and dedication of your team and highlighting the positive impact your business has.

In our lastest film, we worked with Capgemini to work out what it was that was going to attract graduates to apply for the Institute. The Institute is a 12 week learning programme for their graduate new joiners. The focus is on learning and developing the core skills and behaviours they need to be a successful consultant. They do this through short assignments set by the business, to simulate a project engagement, and a number of training sessions.

graduate recruitment film

As well as purpose, recruitment decisions also need to be grounded in logic. That’s why the film showcases the specific skills and experiences that Capgemini’s ideal candidates wants to build. We present their organisation in an authentic and engaging way, which means potential recruits to see themselves as a part of your team.

Starting a conversation

The key point is that our films are just the beginning of the conversation. By including calls to action, potential recruits to connect with you directly and learn more about your business.

Ultimately, a graduate recruitment film offers a powerful tool for connecting with the next generation of graduates. If you want to build a talented, purpose-driven team that will drive your business forward, start a conversation with us today.

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