Combine a technical explanation with footage that shows the reality of the solution.

Our client Schawk Colour Lab, part of SGK, asked us to make a colourful sales support animation to explain the services they offer. Schawk is a global cross media brand production and deployment company. Colour Lab is an arm of Schawk which focuses on helping brand owners achieve globally consistent colour.


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Our aim was to communicate in a simple and clear way the Colour Lab’s features and services to their clients.

How we began…

We went to their offices in Manchester to deliver one our Discover Workshops, which us get to the heart of understanding their services. From this we wrote a script that communicate Colour Lab’s feature and countered key customer objections. Our client Hope Massey said that:

You grasped a complex and technical subject matter quickly and were able to create a very simple and easy to understand story/video.

The script started with a visual introduction into the importance of colour in brands, then leads smoothly into why colour lab was created. The video transitions into simple explanations of their design software and services, really selling what only they can offer.

The animation was prepared at draft level, and then we filmed at their laboratories. We chose to add video to the mix to show the reality of their offering, not just a graphic of it.

SCH Colour Lab v6.00_01_57_18.Still001



We asked what piece of advice you would give someone embarking on a video project. Hope replied “Have trust in the team’s creativity”. That’s especially crucial on a video of this nature when explaining a service.

As a result, the marketing team now utillises this sales support animation that communicates Colour Lab’s features and benefits. Hope said that the video has enabled them “to socialise the Colour Lab with our clients in a simple and easy to understand way generating new business.”

We really enjoyed working on this as it combined film, plus 2D and 3D styles of animation. This enabled the whole team to be involved with the project, working together to bring the piece together.

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