Communicate the headlines from the Client's yearly Dimensions Report.

Our client Kantar Media approached us with a great brief, to produce not one promotional report video but three videos to celebrate and summarise the launch of their recently published Dimension study for the communications industry.

“The videos look fabulous and I’m getting requests from other team members on working with you.”

Rena Patel, Head of Brand and Communications, Kantar Media

Creating a Promotional Report Video

The concept of the study and the visuals was very much centred around the idea of combining different views and opinions to provide a unique perspective. We started with a Discovery Deck workshop.

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Together, we decided the best approach was to have one animation to promote the study as a whole, explaining its purpose and scale, the two subsequent videos. One focused on the customer perspective, and another to focus on the industry perspective.

Promotional Report Videos

Setting the style

A visual style for the digital and printed reports was already under development when we were approached. The central image was a low poly sphere, which as a whole represents the unique perspective. This is built up of small fragments of varying colours to represent the various opinions. Our challenge was to bring this visual to life and expand upon the visual identity.

After some image research focusing specifically on perspectives, we created our initial designs to set the look and feel for the project.

Promotional Report Videos

Once approved we then set about creating a 3D version of the sphere, and animating all of our scenes.

Promotional Report Videos

As well as 3 three main videos, we also needed to provide the animations in French and Portuguese. This involved recording separate voice over’s, but also translating on screen text. With this in mind we ensured animated text was easily replaceable and not unnecessarily complex.

KT Dimension Report Translation

Finally, ready for the launch date, we prepared short clips for Kantar Media to use on their social media channels to promote the launch of the report.


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