Use animation to illustrate a cyber security package based around car ownership.

Developing Capgemini’s Automotive Cybersecurity Animation

We were thrilled to be approached again by Capgemini’s Automotive team to develop the visuals and story of their new Automotive Cybersecurity animation.

We’ve created several animations for the automotive team before, all centred around a character called Lily. So over the years we’ve followed her customer journey from purchase, to maintenance and now security. As our vehicles become more and more digital, the risk of hacks increases. So vehicle manufacturers need to protect them and reassure their customers into the future.

“A big thank you to all of you for your professionalism and patience. The animation is great.”

Global Marketing Lead Automotive, Capgemini

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automotive cybersecurity animation

Our challenge was to visualise Capgemini’s Security Operations Centre, while showing how they detect and prevent attacks. The real key was to highlight how all this all happens without drivers ever needing to notice. Therefore we split the story between the journey of Lily to her parent’s house, and the action taken place across the SOC and the OEM’s.

automotive cybersecurity animation

It was fascinating to learn what goes on behind the scenes and how businesses are having to quickly adapt due to the ever-changing threat of hacks.

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