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On Tuesday we bombed up to Cardiff film to a client testimonial video for Infosys, a consulting, IT services and digital transformation company. Infosys wanted to show the video at an Expo two days later, so we had a really tight turnaround.

In the video, Peter talks about the amazing transformation Infosys has brought about in the IT department of Welsh Water. Thanks to their Enterprise Services Management Café, the companies could rapidly deploy new IT solutions with little disruption to the business. Hearing Peter speak, you realise just how successful the project has been. He gave us a great deal of time, and tolerated us filming lots of B-roll.

B Roll really brings a Client Testimonial Video to Life

B-roll comes from the Hollywood tradition of having two camera crews, the A team who film the main action, and a B team who cover the ‘pick ups’. This might be establishing shots, a second angle on the scene, or maybe a close up of an object mentioned by the actors. In today’s world, it largely means shots that don’t have dialogue, which can be used to cover cuts in the interview.

Client testimonial video

We filmed Peter having meetings or discussions with his various teams. One tip when filming them is to always talk about work. If you start to talk about football, your holiday or the weather, the reactions you get don’t look right!

We filmed the interview in 4k, even though we were delivered on standard HD. The advantage of this is that you can crop in to the 4k image, and it still look great in HD. When you’re only filming on one camera, it means you can change the shot size in the interview.


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The benefits of Editing in 4k

Modern technology also allows great flexibility on the editing front. With the latest Adobe Premiere, you can create ‘proxy files’ from the 4K footage. That means that basically you’re editing a low resolution version of the project. Even my old 11″ Macbook Air could cope with the footage! I set up in my seat on the train back, and started to cut together then b-roll. When back at the office, I could whizz through the interview and had the first cut if the client testimonial video to them by 7pm. Now that’s a fast turnaround!

Client testimonial video


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