Amazon Web Services,
Explain the key principles that will enable you to move your business to the cloud.

Amazon Web Servers came to us in search of a series of cool-looking video that captivates their audiences with their cloud-core campaign. We have a history of creating whiteboard animations, and they wanted something in a similar style. However, the delivery date didn’t really allow for this. So, we offered them an alternative: a time-lapse drawing video.

We used a drawing app for the iPad which records each stroke of the pencil. When played back, the scene builds. You get the hand drawn feel of a white board animation and all the whiteboard animation benefits without the need to film.

The other advantage of a time-lapse drawing video is that it allows you to use specific brand odours, like Amazon’s familiar egg- yolk yellow. This allowed us to develop ideas quickly, letting us hit our deadline with ease, creating a contemporary hand-drawn video.

time-lapse drawing video

We’re big fans of Apple, so couldn’t resist trying out the new iPad Pro. This new pencil is a pinup ahead of the last one. It really allows us to create the look and feel our client is striving for, is tactile and intuitive.

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