Helping WPP promote their 2019 Leadership Report with an interview blended with animation

A fortnight ago the Marketing Team from WPP approached us to help promote their Leaders’ Report 2019. Their brief explained they were looking for a thought leadership film featuring two of their subject matter experts. We’ve had plenty of experience similar report marketing videos, so suggested we combining graphics from the report with the filming. This solves the problem of wanting to keep the video short, while also conveying in depth insight from the report.

Creating the Report Marketing Video

We began by reviewing the client’s draft script, making some suggestions of cuts and changes. Our client sent a short clip of the meeting room in their Westminster office we were going to film in. The photo showed it had a frosted white wall. This would be perfect to act as a background for some graphics from the report, so we suggested combining the two like we did for another thought leadership video.

There are two key interviewing filming styles and we opted for off camera to give the piece a documentary feel. Given the tight turnaround we wanted to make sure that we followed the script closely to avoid a lengthy edit, so we also used a teleprompter to help the contributors stay on script.

We shot in the interviews in 4k which meant back in the studio we had more flexibility. The advantage was that we could crop in and move around that footage, using the frost glass as a canvas. We put on this the motion graphics that would later bring the information to life for WPP’s audience.

We used different graphic devices to incorporate the icons and diagrams emphasised in the report. Next wWe moved the camera to one side, we pulled focus, we showed them in isolation.

The report marketing video has been shared on LinkedIn and other platforms to raise awareness of the Leaders’ Report 2019.

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