Bring to life a thought leadership piece to encourage people to read the full report.

Capgemini wanted a thought leadership video on some of their recent research. This would be shared on YouTube and other social media channels.

Jerome Buvat, their subject matter expert, was talking about the challenge retailers face balancing personalisation and privacy.

Today large retailers have between 30-40 petabytes of shopping information. They have all the data that they need to create personalised offer sand promotions for consumers. When does personalistation cross the line to become an of their invasion of privacy? Visit the campaign website for more information

Filming a Thought Leadership Video

We filmed Jerome against a white back drop. First, we selected the best takes of the content, and next we treated it to burn out the white. To bridge the cuts between takes, we zoomed left/right/up/down to discover visualisations of the data he’s talking about. His performance seem seamless, with the added benefit of communicating key facts clearer.

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