Demonstrate a complex software package that makes image creation simple for shops and brands.

Schawk, part of SGK, asked us to make a product demo video which explained the benefits of their product visualisation software. Video was the perfect way to demonstrate how the software can create accurate, photo-realistic images of furniture based on one simple photo.

The Impact of a Product Demo Video

One key thing to show in the video was their USP of producing realistic product imagery. Traditional image generators wrap fabric around a sofa in a simplistic and therefore unrealistic way. This can disappoint customers when the product arrives at their home and it’s not what they saw on the website. Or worse still, they didn’t buy the product because it didn’t look quite right on the website. We demonstrated how Schawk shows the details of patterns, creases and how it will look once it’s upholstered. This is all highly automated, making it cost effective.

product demo video

product demo video

 So many sofas…

Creating the Product Demo Video

For the purposes of the video our producer actually took photos of his own sofa. The Schwark team then mapped different fabrics on to his sofa. They provided us with high resolution images showing each sofa design from many angles which we could animate.

The full video goes into more detail on the product visualisation services that Schawk offers.

Explore Explainer Animation Benefits

We really enjoyed working on this video. As a company that works with bespoke video, we were intrigue to learn more about how this software generated the images. We got an glimpse of the complications of making photo-realistic images.

When they started using this video in their presentations, they found prospects really understood what it was about. It enabled them to make spend longer answer questions from clients, which led to better sales conversations. This is what we love – when we see our animation and films helping our clients grow their business.

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