When we speak to Marketing Managers, they’re often looking to create a thought leadership film of their Subject Matter Experts. They often tell us about similar challenges:

    • They have SMEs with incredible knowledge and insight, but it’s sometimes hard to get them to be succinct
    • An expert can only be in one place at a time, but sometimes they’re needed in different sales meetings!
    • Their SMEs command great respect for their insight internally, but reach of their audience is limited

Video is a great way to show thought leadership in a concise and impactful way. It also allows you to add their expertise to any sales presentation. And by putting the video on your website or LinkedIn, they get a much greater exposure. Here’s how we’ve captured thought leadership on film

Talking about Gamification

We created this piece for Capgemini to show thought leadership in the area of gamification. Maggie Buggie at Capgemini is clearly passionate and has a deep level of understanding which really came across in her delivery. However, portraying a subject matter expert in an engaging way isn’t just a case of pressing the record button and hoping for the best. Over the years, Gavin has developed skills in coaching a great performance out of people, even if they’re not comfortable on camera. Even when working with someone like Maggie, who is very at ease with a lens pointing at her, there are little ways of shaping a performance to create the best video on a technical level.

How to show thought leadership in a dynamic way

Once we’d filmed Maggie, we edited the various takes in a dynamic way to ensure that we highlighted key messages. We used animation to illustrate facts, add colour and energy to the video. The animation and music are not just to break up the footage, they also add pace to the piece and reflect the innovative subject matter.

Illustrating Thought Leadership

Capgemini wanted one of their experts to deliver a thought leadership video based on his research. Jerome Buvat, their subject matter expert, was talking about the challenge retailers face balancing personalisation and privacy.

Thought Leadership Film content without an SME

We made this report introduction video for Capgemini’s Cars Online 2015 Study, which details online sales trends in the automotive industry. We’ve created videos for the survey before, so we can experiment with new ideas each time. In the past we’ve filmed one of their automotive experts talking about the report. This year, we pitched the idea of a sat nav that listens to the driver’s likes and dislikes. We shot the whole video inside a thankfully quite roomy car! Just shows you don’t need an SME to create a thought leadership video!


Making the film fun!

We made this subject matter expert video using a whiteCapgemini had arranged a meeting of some of their top staff from across the world, all gathering in London. Since they had them all together, they asked us to create a subject matter expert video. The idea was to showcase their expertise but also their personalities. We shamelessly borrowed from BBC’s Snog, Marry, Avoid? style of interviewing.

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