Show thought leadership in the area of gamification.

Our latest piece for Capgemini was designed to show thought leadership in the area of gamification. Maggie Buggie at Capgemini is clearly passionate and has a deep level of understanding which really came across in her delivery. However, portraying a subject matter expert in an engaging way isn’t just a case of pressing the record button and hoping for the best. Over the years, Gavin has developed skills in coaching a great performance out of people, even if they’re not comfortable on camera. Even when working with someone like Maggie, who is very at ease with a lens pointing at her, there are little ways of shaping a performance to create the best video on a technical level.

Why we included animation

After the filming, we edited together the content so we communicated the key messages clearly but succinctly. We created animations to visualise facts, which of course added colour and energy to the film. These bring a pace to the piece, giving pauses at certain times, and bridging edits.

Depending on a few factors, such as length of the piece to camera, we don’t always need to add this much animation. Sometimes it can just be a case of a few simple and static title boards.

Here’s another thought leadership video we’ve made on privacy vs personalisation.

Reasons for using video to show thought leadership

  • Thought leadership videos showcase expertise and knowledge, establishing credibility in the industry.
  • Engaging thought leadership videos position the business as an authority, attracting a wider audience.
  • Thoughtfully crafted videos offer valuable insights, building trust and growing customer loyalty.
  • Thought leadership videos spark meaningful conversations and engagement, expanding the business network.
  • Leveraging thought leadership videos amplifies brand visibility, ultimately driving business growth and opportunities.
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