Mustard TV,
Grab people's attention and get them to find out more about a new campaign.

We created this video for Mustard TV, to promote the Future 50 campaign. When trying to reach businesses in Norfolk animation seemed the obvious choice, since it communicates ideas quickly and simply. We enjoyed adding little line flourishes on this, to amplify movement of the motion graphics.

“Thanks so much for all the work done last week. The video looks brilliant. I have had some feedback from the client who love the video. Thank you both for the quick turn around.”

Peter Ward, Commercial Manager, Mustard TV

Creating the Cast

We created a cast of characters, adding costume, hair and accessories to reflect the diversity of people and occupations in Norfolk. It was fun seeing how we could take the put goggles on a doctor icon and turn it into a scientist icon. Changing the line of a hair cut changes the age of the character. A few simple colour changes also made the cast seem much bigger!

Getting the energy right was important. We wanted this to be a vibrant animation that showed the energy of the campaign.


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Norfolk Animation

Do you only do Norfolk Animation?

Far from. We are based in London, but have links to Norfolk as we have a client and several projects in and around Norwich. We have a studio in London, but we work globally. We have filmed right across Europe, plus Vietnam, China and Philippines. With America, we work with partners we know and trust.

We have made a range of animation work, from whiteboard animation to typography explainers. Each on follows our structured process. We start by working out what you want communicated, then create a script. From that we then devise a visual style, and then start animating.

We bring together our illustrators and animators, who work on the various iterations of the work. You get to comment and feed back as the animation grows. Once you’re happy with it, we record the voice over and finalise the video. We add music and sound effects, and bring the whole thing together. We then deliver in the format that’s right for your project.

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