As a style of communications, whiteboard animation benefits from being distinctive, creative and flexible in the way that it explains a product, concept or an idea. A voice begins to tell a story, and a hand appears on a white screen and starts drawing an image. The story unfolds, the hand builds images that illustrate the events.

Whiteboard Animation Benefits Information Retention

In 2012, Dr Richard Wiseman, a professor of psychology, conducted an experiment. He created two videos; in the first one he spoke directly to the camera. He then created a whiteboard animation version, based on exactly the same voice. He then tested the memory of viewers, to determine which video helped them learn better. The result?

Viewers who watched the whiteboard animation video recalled 15% more information than those who watched the other.

That’s an incredible uplift in retention, and shows the impact that whiteboard animations can have. Of course, there are all the other benefits of watching an explainer video.

How an explainer video benefits your business


Convinced those Whiteboard Animation benefits can help you?

These are just some of the whiteboard animation benefits we’ve helped to bring to our clients. We’re confident a whiteboard animation will help promote and grow your business, whether you’re promoting an event, product or service. If you’d like to talk to us about making a whiteboard animation, get in touch!


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