All you need to know when working with us

This page contains all the information you need about working with Napoleon Creative, including video production tips to make your project truly successful.


Studio Hours

Our studio hours are 9.30 – 5.30 Monday to Friday, though there’s usually someone in the office outside those hours. We can also work outside these times when working with overseas clients.

The best number to call us on is 020 7739 8500.

We have a meeting room which we welcome clients to use for their Discovery Workshops.

Our Video Review Site
How to give effective comments
Video Production Tips
Tips for appearing on camera
Learn how we make our animations

Our Video Review Site

When we’re ready to share work with you, we post it via Wipster, a great online solution for sharing and commenting on videos.

An email will arrive in your inbox with a link to the video or you can visit our log in here.

If you’ve not used Wipster before, we recommend creating an account (there will be a prompt at the bottom of the email). This enables you to see a more complex dashboard, which makes it easier to review and see all the videos in this project (and any other projects you do with us).

Each person on your team who needs to see the video should be invited separately, then their comment are logged under their name. If you simply forward this email, they will be able to see it, but they will be logged in as you which makes tracking changes harder.

Just watch the video, and when you want to make a comment, tap on the screen and a box will appear. All the comments appear in real time, there’s no need to ‘save all’ at the end. All the people invited to the video will get a summary email of all comments.

This website saves our clients a lot of time, and makes commenting simpler and clearer.


NC Animation Stages

Video Production Tips

Define your Targets

Before you start your video, what are your targets? What action do you want the viewer to take at the end of the video? How do you want their perceptions to be changed? Can you quantify these targets? Without these defined, we can’t start work on the script.


Obsess over the Script

Getting the script right is key to a successful video. We will not start production unless we have a sturdy production script signed off. Usually, we watch the script grow in length as the content develops, then we cut it back down again to keep the story lean.


Understand your Audience

Keeping your audience in mind is key. What are they looking for? What do they need to know? And what will surprised them? You also need to challenge your perceptions of who your audience is and what they know about you already.


How will this video be watched?

You need to consider how you’re going to broadcast the video, whether that’s on social media, at a conference or on your website. Each of these channels has its own opportunities, peculiarities and demands, and you want to tailor the video to each one.


Independent Eye

We recommend someone from outside the project taking a look when we’re a good way into the project. When you’re working on something on a tight deadline, having someone look who’s not connected with it directly can offer a fresh pair of eyes, they’re more likely to spot little mistakes and also highlight where there might need to be more clarity.


We hope you find these video production tips helpful in developing your project with us.